Financial Planning

Create a Family Legacy

Planning for Generations

We help affluent individuals and families in all stages of life chart the course to becoming the best financial version of themselves.

Whether you need help restructuring and reducing debt, developing custom investment strategies, saving for your children’s education, or engaging in detailed planning for retirement, we take a comprehensive approach to all your financial needs.


Proper organization of your finances is necessary to track your progress and course-correct throughout your journey.


Taking the right steps and making intentional decisions today can help increase your chances of success for tomorrow.


Protecting your family with insurance and estate planning strategies is essential to achieving the financial confidence you desire.

We leave no stone unturned and by going through this process you will be organized, and it will help us communicate and push forward to your lifelong goals as years progress.

A byproduct of the process will be transparency of the dollars that are currently flowing through your life that are either being unconsciously spent or falling off your balance sheet in other ways. This can increase your efficiency and help you to build more wealth, save more and protect your family.

Because the truth is, every financial decision you make today should be driven by your goals for the future. But too many people leave tomorrow to chance and simply hope everything will work out for the best.

Your Warwick Advisors

Michael McSweeney, Financial Advisor, Warwick New York

Michael McSweeney

Financial Advisor

Mike and Will are local Warwick, New York natives and have both continued to plant their roots in the community as they raise their young families. Mike and Will believe that knowledge and dialogue are key to the success of any local community and so dedicate their time to volunteering and participating in local service projects. They also advise many families in the local area on financial strategies and have become a valuable resource. Mike and Will’s ultimate goal is to help as many local residents and business owners as possible because they know the impact it could have on their clients’ futures, the children’s futures, and the future of the entire Warwick community.

William Roerden, Financial Advisor

William Roerden

Financial Advisor

Common Questions

  • Should I pay off my debt early or invest more for retirement?
  • How should I react during periods of market volatility?
  • How should my portfolio be invested for the stage of life I’m in right now?
  • How do I create a savings system?
  • What options do I have for life insurance?
  • What are the best planning options for my family situation?
  • How do I create a retirement income plan?
  • What is the best way to save for future college expenses?
  • How much should I be saving for retirement, and can I still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle today?
  • How can I pay less in taxes?
  • How do I know the decisions I’m making today are the right ones?

To help you find the answers and pursue your vision with intention, we get to know you on a personal level and learn the “why” behind your goals. Understanding your why and your motivations for your goals helps us strategize a custom financial plan that aligns your resources with your values and abilities. Rather than leaving your vision for the future to chance, take purposeful steps today to pursue your goals and help protect your family against unforeseen emergencies.

What You Can Expect

Our clients are educated in understanding how money works and the many forces that are working in their own personal economies – some of these forces are working for us and some against us. By utilizing a holistic planning approach, we lead our clients to a heightened level of financial confidence by making better money decisions that can help protect their wealth from outside forces and allow their assets to work in coordination with one another.

Whatever the stage of life someone is in, our role with clients is to educate and lead them to become the greatest financial version of themselves. We understand that everyone has his or her own specific passions, goals, interests, concerns, wants, and needs. It is our role to guide you through your journey of life as a financial professional and counsel you to help assemble the many pieces of your life into a clear and meaningful image.

We thrive on developing an ongoing partnership based on mutual respect and trust for one another. We love open-minded clients who are willing to commit, explore, and are excited to learn more about the recommendations we provide.

As residents of Warwick, New York, we really enjoy helping individuals and families who reside in our local communities. 

Michael McSweeney, William Roerden, and Don Sullivan are Registered Representatives & Investment Advisors of Park Avenue Securities.